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About Me


Over the past two years, a set of adventurous girls and myself have seen more of New York City than most New Yorkers see in their whole lives.

Although, I’m technically a nanny, I like to think of myself as an “Explordinaire,” as every day we explore the extraordinary city of New York.

We’ve seen sea otters in Brooklyn, learned the laws of physics in Queens, sailed the seas to Staten Island, greeted gorillas in the Bronx and marveled at massive whales in Manhattan.

I’ve been an Explordinaire my whole life, from playing in the forests as a child in Pennsylvania, to touring The Colosseum when I lived in Italy. But nothing has given me as much pleasure as exploring New York City with two little girls who love to get out and learn.

On top of two years experience as a professional Explordinaire, countless museum visits, playdates and playground adventures; I studied English at Penn State and grew up in a family with 6 kids. I’m also CPR certified.

I look forward to many more adventures and I can’t wait to start showing your child the Explordinairey world of New York City!